With the evolution of technology, it is safe to say that the world is going digital. While it is true that the conventional marketing and promotion still works effectively, brands will not want to get left behind. Every brand wants a better and easier way to approach their customers. Competitors are getting more creative, and the growth of new brands launching their own products every year means every brand has to find an approach to win. Now the answer is here: Your own personalized mobile application. Here is why.

Mobile applications have a wide reach

Today, more than half of the world use a smartphone. Specifically, in Malaysia 19.9 million individuals use a smartphone daily. The percentage of internet users is even more surprising, in 2016 alone, 76.9% Malaysians are using the internet. By personalizing a mobile application, you are creating exposure of your brand to a larger variety of audience. There is a chance that your mobile application will not reach your targeted audience, but at the same time, there is a very high chance that it will.

Mobile applications create a more directed marketing channel

A mobile application requires zero middlemen involved in the purchasing process. That is why a mobile application could possibly be the ultimate direct marketing channel. The process is fairly easy. Customers just have to seek the product or service they like and with a few taps on the screen, they can get what they want. For promotions and offers, the brand just needs to adjust the mobile application so the customer can see it directly inside. This way, direct emails, and messages are not as crucial anymore.

Mobile applications could promote customer engagement

First, every customer wants to communicate with the brand. They want to give feedback or complain and they want the brand to hear it. Mobile application makes communication faster and easier for both sides. Second, the key to engagement is the contents. Not the quantity of content that matters, but the quality of it. To create a good quality of engagement, we need to know about the customer. The application can help to compile information and store it for the marketers to learn about customer demands and needs.

Mobile applications to increase customer loyalty

People who use your application has a very high chance of being your potential customer. With that fact, the next question is how to make them remain a customer? A personalized mobile application could help the marketers to determine where to send all the offers, or who would most likely click the promotions. When the target is clear, customer retention becomes much easier.

Mobile applications boost brand awareness and recognition

Depends on how functional they are, a personalized mobile application could escalate awareness greatly. The more a potential customer engages with it, the more likely they will purchase your product or services. To create an application that could boost up your brand, you can create your own internal team to develop the application or find a good mobile application developer. Gameka could help to assist in this matter, to know more, click here.