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experiences to users for clients large and small.

Imagine increasing your company’s productivity and profitability by 18% and 12% respectively.

70% of Employees are Disengaged!

The Problem:

Studies show that employee satisfaction with their workplace is directly correlated with employee engagement. Out of 10 employees, only 3 are highly engaged and deeply satisfied. This leaves most employees today disengaged and frustrated with their workplace. In fact, they may even go so far as to poison the working environment with gossip both in and outside of their workplace.

Engaging, Fun and Rewarding

The Solution:

“Gamification is the process of using Game Thinking and Game Dynamics to Engage Audiences and Solve Problems” Gabe Zichermann, World’s Foremost Expert on Gamification.

By gamifying everyday routines and tasks, work experiences become more engaging and fun. Employees will feel more satisfied and productive at their workplace.

Think Gamification.
Think Gameka.

Gameka aims to bring fun and satisfaction into the workplace. We develop and deliver practical, easy solutions for gamifying your company.
We challenge the existing norms of work and strive to make vast improvements towards employee engagement and productivity.

Staff Onboarding and Training

Mobile applications and game solutions transform digital learning and training platforms. Gameka can customize E-learning and training systems to incorporate game mechanics to improve user engagement and participation. Corporate staff and members will be more motivated to explore gamified mobile apps which promote a better learning attitude, improve communication between co-workers and increase productivity.

Performance Management (KPI)

Manage Key Performance Indicators that help drive your business forward with Gameka’s custom gamified KPI tool. Gamification is the perfect solution to incorporate fun and entertaining elements into the tools. They can be customized to include data collection and analytics. This allows analysts to measure and create new procedures to improve work performance in areas such as marketing, sales, productivity and engagement.


A fun application that motivates team behavior using a point reward system.


Gamification creates an immersive experience that is simply unbeatable by traditional marketing, whose techniques utilizes stereotypical activities to promote brands and services.

The digital development has opened up a whole new world of marketing possibilities. Why limit yourself?

Cyber Security Education

Internet-delivered attacks are no longer a thing of the future. They’re an impactful reality, albeit an untouchable and often abstract one.
Vulnerabilities in your company’s infrastructure can compromise your current financial situation and endanger its future. Secure your future now with Gameka’s security solutions.