Preparing Youths for their Financial Future

KLCC Convention Center, 14 October 2018- Securities Commission Malaysia and InvestSmart SC organized the InvestSmart Fest 2018; a three-day investment education event. The agenda of the event was to expose and educate members of the public especially the youths to investment opportunities.

YB Syed Saddiq (Minister of Youth and Sports) officiated the event with a speech and played Jump2Invest. Jump2Invest is a collaborative project between Gameka, Securities Commission Malaysia and InvestSmart SC to teach and encourage younger people about investment through a simple, yet fun game.

As YB Syed Saddiq said, “2/3 younger people are unable to fork out at least RM 1,000 in difficult situations, and 47% are burdened by credit card debts. These are 2 very big problems that we need to work together with industry players and Securities Commission Malaysia to resolve.”

The event themed “Investing for a Sustainable Future”, featured various offers and services by financial institutions and agencies such as private retirement schemes, unit trusts, investment schemes, and many more.

Notable speakers such as Ibrahim Sani (Lead Business Editor & Executive Producer of Astro Awani), Julian Ng (CEO of Main Street Capital) and Jeffrey Ong (Malaysian Olympic Swimmer), were gathered to give talks as well as share their insights to the public visitors.

Such an event is a crucial initiative to ensure that young people are aware of investment opportunities and begin investing to prepare for the future. Games such as Jump2Invest will help enhance engagement for education and encouragement of financial knowledge and literacy.

YB Syed Saddiq concluded “I call it a ticking time bomb for the youths. If we do not resolve this issue now, we will be in very big trouble in the future.”



Gameka is an award-winning game development & gamification solution provider. Founded in 2015, Gameka is the house for a group of passionate gamers, wanting to build great games.

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Jump2Invest is a simple game where players endlessly jump on platforms to buy and sell funds. The project is a collaboration between Securities Commision Malaysia and Gameka to teach players about investments through fun.   

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Securities Commission Malaysia is a statutory body, tasked with the responsibility of regulating and systematically growing the capital markets in Malaysia.

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Invest Smart SC is an investment empowerment initiative by the Securities Commission Malaysia to create more informed and knowledgeable investors who can make the right investment decisions.

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