Overview of the South East Asia (SEA) eSports Industry

The South East Asia (SEA) eSports industry has always been insanely popular. The growth of eSports unlocked gateways to a wide variety of career opportunities as well as promising profitabilities. The participation of the next generation will be crucial to sustain and grow the industry in the years to come. The first significant step is to instill awareness among younglings who will be the pillars of future eSports. To make that happen, Gameka, Astro eGG Network, Tamago, and DU Screen Recorder collaborated to launch a campaign to usher in the next generation of eSports stakeholders. They call this campaign: the Alliance of Campus ESports, dubbed the ACE Initiative.

The ACE Initiative workshop

The first step in ACE Initiative was a 2-day workshop held in Gameka’s office, Bangsar South, Malaysia. The event’s audience includes College/ University students and gamers who want to break into the gaming scene. The workshop brought in influential figures in the gaming and eSports scene such as Jeffrey Chan from Air Asia Saiyan, Yubin Ng, head of eGG Network, and GamerZakh, a local Youtuber to give talks and share their knowledge.

The workshop provided great insights towards various verticals of the games industry such as streaming, organizing eSports competitions, game development, games market opportunities, and even hardware.

“SEA is the last untapped market in the gaming scene. Its valued at 4.4 Billion USD in revenue by 2021. Gameka plans to collaborate with more partners to groom our fellow Malaysians to grab this huge opportunity.”

– Narishvin Sukumaran (Chief Marketing Officer of Gameka)

He also pointed out that Malaysia is home to one of the fastest growing revenue in the games industry.

During the event, eGG Network announced the ACE Competition with a prize pool of RM 50 000. Teams will compete in 2 of the most prominent competitive games: Dota 2 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The competition is open to all college/ university eSports club.; each institute can send two teams to compete.

Through the event, influencers proved that the SEA gaming industry is a viable career choice as well as a lucrative market to generate revenue. The workshop is merely the start of the initiative, and it was a great success. The ACE Initiative will organize more events but on a larger scale to further strengthen the SEA’s eSports industry. The success of the initiative will also be a critical factor in building Malaysia as a SEA gaming powerhouse.