A Collaborative effort between Gameka, eGG Network, Tamago, DU Screen Recorder

Bangsar South, 20th August 2018 – Gameka, a local game development company hosted the “ACE (Alliance of Campus esports) Initiative”; a 2 day series of workshops to groom the next generations of eSports players.

The initiative is the first of its kind where the industry stakeholders Astro eGG Network, Tamago, DU Screen Recorder and Gameka gathered with the very top universities eSports clubs in Malaysia to share their insights and tips to enter the game industry.

The South East Asia game market revenue hit 2.2 billion USD last year. Gameka’s very own Chief Marketing Officer, Narishvin Sukumaran stated that “The SEA is the last untapped market in the gaming scene, it’s valued at 4.4 Billion USD in revenue by 2021. Gameka plans to collaborate with more partners to groom our fellow Malaysians to grab this huge opportunity.

During the event, Astro eGG Network took the opportunity to announce the ACE Competition with a prize pool of RM 50,000. The competition is open to all university eSports clubs in Malaysia. Participants can choose to compete either in Dota 2 or Mobile Legend: Bang Bang.

The workshop is an important step to develop and nurture the local talent of the potential of the game industry. Narishvin Sukumaran (CMO, Gameka) concluded that “The ACE Initiative is a vital step in growing Malaysia to be the SEA Gaming Powerhouse”.


Gameka is an award winning game development & gamification solution provider. Founded in 2015, Gameka is the house for a group of passionate gamers, wanting to build great games.

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About eGG Network

eGG Network is a Malaysian pay television channel that was launched on 7 June 2016. The channel is currently available in 6 countries, it being Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Brunei and Malaysia. The channel focuses on e-sports and broadcasts electronic games tournaments live around the world.

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About Tamago

Tamago is SEA’s newest social live streaming app. Currently operating in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines, Tamago was launched in November 2017 by ASEAN’s leading pay-TV operator Astro and China’s leading eSports streaming platform Huomao.

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About DU Screen Recorder

DU Recorder is a free, stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android made by DU Group that helps user record smooth and clear screen videos.

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