Global development makes the world more accessible, but at the same time many problems come with it and humans tend to overlook the problems. Humans have been trying to raise awareness on the world problems for years, but people are still passive or refuse to cooperate despite the knowledge of the problem. It generally believed that this is happening because of human ignorance. However, this is often not the case. They know, but they are holding on to what they believe to be the truth. Changing their perception is the real challenge.

People’s opinion constantly shaped and changed by many things such as culture, religion, and the people they interact with. While it is correct that educating people raises awareness, it does not push them to take action. To make them act accordingly we need to step in. This article will show you how. If you noticed in Robinson’s 7 doors social marketing approach after we are done informing and encouraging, is the crucial step: – Facilitation.

Robinson 7 Doors to Social Change Model

Why is it crucial? A person will drink water from their palm when they are very thirsty but they will drink more if they have a bottle. This analogy is an implication on how important a facilitation is. The easier it is to join the movement, the more people will join. The keyword here is: Audience reach and simplification.

“Communication is one of those human activities that everyone recognizes but few can define satisfactorily.”

John Fiske

In the modern era, we live in, reaching a large audience and simplifying things simplifying things is easier than ever. The number of smartphone users predicted to grow exponentially over the coming years. So, it is a smart move to push your campaign or movement into the digital space.

For example, in 2017, based on UK’s data, 82% of university students battling with stress and anxiety. In a midst of this nightmare, enter a “de-stress” mobile application called Calm. Downloaded over five million times in Google Play, Calm helps people coping with their stress through a blend of written stories and audio, lectures about stress management and meditation techniques. That means Calm has helped over than five million people to learn about and manage their stress.

Other mobile applications that have successfully facilitate information access and motivated individuals to take action include: – Blood Donor by the American Red Cross (for blood donation-related matters), Fooducate by Fooducate. Ltd (to educate and encourage people about healthy food), by (educate people about proper usage of medication), and many other mobile applications.

In conclusion, rather than forcing an idea and being frustrated by the lack of interest, facilitate access to the information via a custom developed and targeted mobile application to take action. Mobile applications can be and have become the better solution to facilitating access to information and others. You can start to create a better world by facilitating people with a mobile application. Gameka will help you create the high-quality mobile application that will be everything you need. Contact us to learn more here.