Events are enjoyable and entertaining for the audience, but let’s be honest, it can be quite stressful for the organizers. To create a great event, the organizer needs skilled manpower to help them plan, promote and put everything in order until the event ends. Even with skilled manpower, mishaps still tend to happen anyway. While such stress is part of events management, the stress level can skyrocket, especially if this is a recurring event. The event organizers can reduce the stress by developing a special mobile application for the event. Read more to know why events application is worth it.

Mobile application as an anti-lost entrance identification

Except for events open to the general public, every event will need something to identify their attendees. If attendees lost their tickets what the event organizers supposed to do? For a conference, seminar, exhibition or any other events that have a complicated guest hierarchy such as VIPs, speakers, guest of honor and others, organizers will put the guests’ name somewhere. For a festival type of events attended by hundreds, if not thousands, a lost ticket means that they are generally unable to attend the event they have paid for.  In this case, it is true that the attendees lost more than the organizers, but it will be even better if there is no loss at all. Having a mobile application to turn paper tickets into a digital one, is the answer. Because it is much harder to lose and convenient for both attendees and the organizers.

A mobile application is a great direct marketing channel

Promotion is one of the stages of events management that quickly becomes both tiring and repetitive. This is especially true for recurring events. Every time the event takes place, similar to, if not the same promotion is needed. In recurring events, there is a case of “loyal attendees” who come to most, if not every event. These are the kinds of attendees (customers) that you want to keep. A mobile application will help you keep them interested in the event by offering, for example, loyalty benefits and event news so that they keep your events in their mind all the time.

A mobile application to provide information

There are events which are static. Conducted in the same place every time, same content with a different timeline, and have the same event organizers. However, most events are dynamic. The location changes, speakers are different, new VIPs are added, and different timeline and itinerary. A mobile application dedicated to the event will help by putting all this promotional information in one place. That is the mobile application related to your event. A new location for the concert? tell them. There is a new interesting piece of art collections in the exhibition or auction? tell them. There are more items to sell in the bazaar? give them an exciting peek at what’s coming soon.

Build and interact with your event community through your mobile application

This will be very useful for events that are designed to attract a specific interest group such as comic conventions, exhibitions, and conferences. Organizers can use the mobile application not only to monitor attendance but also to turn the application into a powerful tool to create an active, vibrant community for the event itself. The examples of event community mobile application are RISEConf for influencers around the globe and f.ounders for a technology company founders. These two applications not only track and inform the attendees, it also gives out the timeline, let the user chat with other users and connect people with the same interests.

Mobile applications are convenient and powerful. The correct mobile application can help reduce the stresses of event promotion, management, and gathering feedback. There is a potential to create a community that will follow your events via your customized mobile application too. The creation of mobile applications is a challenge of its own, Gameka has the experience and knowledge help. Contact us if you need more information, or even better when you are ready to create your own mobile application!