In this era, the term “application” or “app” might ring a bell even for a non-tech savvy person. Developers are getting more creative, and you can literally find any kind of application, but what about website application?

Now, some of you start to wonder what this is. Is it new? Does it perform better? Where can I get it? When you decided to look it up, you ended up finding even more confusing terms. If you are one of these people, you came to the right place. This article is dedicated to quenching your curiosity by providing an easy and non-technical explanation to the question, “What is a web application. So, what is a web application?

It might sound strange as people do not call it website application on daily basis, but it is almost certain that you have used one before. Simply put, a website application is an application that runs inside a browser.

A website runs inside a browser too. So what is the difference?

The most common distinction is that a website is informative. A web application is interactive. A website is a platform and website application is a tool. For example, Wikipedia is a website and spreadsheet is a website application. A website shows the same information to all users while a website application processes individual data and wait for a request from the user to perform a specific task. Therefore, every website application is a website but not every website is a web application.

For example, a company website is usually both. The website’s purpose is to provide information, so when the user clicks on the website, the company’s “stored data” will be displayed. Every user will read the same thing. However, when you want to purchase their product, the shopping cart is a website application. Other applications include those that process your personal data, your debit card, your purchase request and act accordingly.


What is the difference between web applications and the commonly downloaded application or “app?”

You do not download website applications and website applications did not eat “space” on your computer or phone as it runs in your browser.

Is website application a better option?

“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.”

(Dr. Christopher Dayagdag, CEO of Marketlink Web Solutions Inc)

Website applications are slower than a native application, it is not as responsive or intuitive, there is no push notification, cannot be used offline, and has limited features. At the same time, website application is cheaper, easy to build, easy to maintain, and it can be used in any device as long as there is a browser to perform a specific function/purpose. There will be no compatibility issues and it reduces software piracy risk in subscription-based website applications (e.g. Copyblogger and Blue Apron).

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There is no right answer here. It all depends on what do you want to use it for. If you are looking for user retention, definitely not. However, if you are looking for just a one-time usage, you do not particularly need much user retention, or your content is more to the informative side, website applications are what you are looking for.

Every application has its own perks and disadvantages. If you want to develop a website application, an application, or in need of more information, contact Gameka.