If you are a business and you develop your own mobile application:- Congratulations! That means you are aware that mobile applications are changing the business game. If you are not, click here to know why you should develop one.

Ever since the internet has a larger reach the usage of application multiplies. Research predicted that in 2020 app store will host about 5 million mobile applications, which is a good thing, but that also means that in the competition got tighter for mobile application developers. In 2016, nearly 25% people abandon your application after using it ONCE. The developers began to come up with more appealing applications, but what do the consumers actually want?

Customers, fall into one of five broad categories:- The product-focused, the browser, the researcher, the bargain hunter and the one-time shopper. Learn more about these customer archetypes here. Each type of customer will have a very different reason to use your mobile application. As a business, regardless of the type of customer you want to focus on, there are five things that your mobile application must have.

Keep your mobile application Simple and clear

Develop mobile application while imagining how it will look like on the phone screen. Keep it simple and clear, keep the button functional, and choose to scroll more than tapping. Make the application is intuitively easy to use. A customer does not want to waste their time trying to figure out how to use your mobile application.

Mobile application should be accessible

Flexibility to use it anywhere, whenever they wanted. That is the point. For example, customers want their purchase information to be stored so the next purchase they just have to click-clack, snap their finger and they can get what they want while sitting in a nail salon.

Add immediate benefits to your mobile application

Coupons, bonus, loyalty features exist to retain customers. It adds value and reasons why they should use your mobile application again. If your business is a long-term service or products, you need this feature even more. A short-term products/service such as cleaning service or food will create retention easier because the product/service will be gone in a short time, hence the reason to purchase again. Long-term product and service is another story. After purchasing something, the customer does not have any reason to buy or stay tuned in your application. That is where immediate benefits come in.

Your mobile application should contain enough information

This is the very basis of every application. A potential customer called ‘Potential’ customer because they do not have the will to buy yet. What they have is curiosity. The front tier of your business such as mobile application has a duty to give the customer the information they need. Traveloka is one of the applications that did a great job in both the function and the promotion of the application.

Mobile application should include personalized experience

A mobile application can be used as a behavior tracker for your customer to make their experience more personal. For example, Spotify simply excels in doing this. The application tracks music that their customer like giving them personalized playlist, and recommends songs of a similar style, genre or artist based on their preferences. That makes the customer feel like this application is custom made for them even though it is not.

In conclusion, if you plan to develop a mobile application for your customers, adherence to these five principles will help create a mobile app that will add value for your customers and your business. Contact Gameka if you are interested in creating a mobile app that will give your customers the best experience of your business.