Augmented Reality (AR), is the imposition of digital data and objects into a real-time camera view of a live environment. It immerses the elements of a digital world into a person’s perception of the real world. The famous and well-loved PokemonGo is a great example of augmented reality in gaming. In the game, you can catch digital  ‘Pokemon’ in real-world environments as part of real life through your phone. Augmented Reality technology has been a part of the mobile application development industry for quite a long time, but it is just recently developers have begun to tap into its power of this technology, and here is why.

Interactive future for application development industry

Augmented Reality enhances the visual experience for people. Apple and Google develop ARKit and ARCore for developers to create or add AR features in their existing applications. The existing mobile applications such as Amikasa, Google Translate, and SketchAR give a glimpse of into how useful AR could be, especially in the mobile application environment. Just imagine if you want a tattoo but you are not confident it will look good on your body, you could use a phone camera to see the design applied to your skin, and this is just scratching the surface.

Augmented Reality changes the advertising world

Not only should the mobile apps development industry care about AR, the impact of AR is changing how marketers can and should advertise their product. Following that, the world of fashion and haute couture has taken the initiative. An Emirati Fashion designer developed an AR-based changing room called Fashion3D. This application provides an accurate simulation of what they would like wearing the clothing of their choice. No need to imagine it. Just see it. Furthermore, this becomes a powerful tool for marketing your products. Business could use AR to market and promote your product. This is only one example of how to utilize it. Sooner or later, you can feed your digital pet or even watch your favorite movie character come out of television through your mobile application.

Augmented the Reality of any product, service, and experience

We just mentioned how AR applied in fashion & retail. The potential applications of this technology go beyond these few areas, into military, science & education, entertainment, and many others. Imagine if application development industry decided to perfected an AR surgery simulation or even more, a mobile application where people could read a moving newspaper through a phone. That is going to be 7 steps closer to Harry Potter!

All things considered, AR is one of the most brilliant inventions. The potentials will drive more developers to improve and bring the life of the digital world into our real world. Gameka can help you achieve this goal and if you would like to know more, click here.