Ctrl + Alt Gaming 2018 Harbor All Type of Gamers

Kuala Lumpur, 2nd April 2018 – Sunway E-Sports Club, together with THE MAGIC RAIN, Games Fusion, and MVP Mobile Arena collaborated to create the first ever community-focused event in Malaysia on 31st March – 1st April 2018 in Jeffrey Cheah Hall, Sunway University. Gameka, a Malaysian game development company, participated in the event to show support to the gaming community.

The attendees gave a positive feedback on the event, as the turnout was positive and encouraging for a first-time event. In addition, Gameka who is the only local game developer in attendance took advantage of the event to promote their games, Kluno: Hero Battle and NETTWORTH. Narishvin Sukumaran, Gameka’s Head of Marketing Communication said “It’s great to see passionate gamers come together to foster and support the community. This in return, will further strengthen and grow the industry at large.”

The event showcased various activities, such as a VR opening ceremony, game showcase, and a free gameplay area. AniManGaki hosted their own Solo Cosplay Competition which seized attention on the second day of the event. The event also featured a unique maid & butler themed café, “Her Majesty’s Mansion: Save Point. All this is to bring various types of gamers to play games and share their passion with a bigger gaming community.

The event has a great ambiance, not to mention the community showed support to the games that were promoted across all platform. The organizers also created a stream so the online community can follow the event. Successfully, this event merged all types of gamers leading to a brighter future for the gaming industry.


About Gameka

Gameka is a Malaysian-based gamification service provider and digital game development company founded in 2015. Gameka aims to bring fun back into the workplace by developing practical and engaging solutions to drive company productivity. For more information about Gameka, please visit http://www.gameka.my/

About Sunway E-Sport Club

Sunway E-Sport Club provides a platform for people who have passion in E-Sport to interact and exchange information. In addition to that, they also harbor the club members to relax and reduce their academic stress effectively not only by playing their favorite game but also socializing with other club members. For more information about Sunway E-Sport Club please visit https://www.facebook.com/sunwayesportsclub/


THE MAGIC RAIN is a community which active under ACG (Anime, Comic, and Games) subculture. They provide a platform and create a responsible and fun environment for ACG community to share their passion while aiming to utilize their skill set to impact community in a positive and unorthodox way. For more information about THE MAGIC RAIN, please visit http://www.themagicrain.com/

About Games Fusion

Games Fusion is a company established in Sunway that provides a physical location for gamers to showcase their passion and talent. In addition to that, they have a console play, live streams and have managed several gaming events. To know more about Games Fusion, please visit https://www.facebook.com/GamesFusionMY/

About MVP Mobile Arena

MVP Mobile Arena is a company that has the vision to build a healthy mobile MOBA game community. They are focusing on housing gaming communities such as Mobile legends, AoV, and King of Glory while hosting various tournaments or community event. For more information about MVP Mobile Arena, please visit https://www.facebook.com/MVPmobileArena/


Starting as a small-time worker in the big city with even bigger dreams, surrounded by opportunities are all around you. With some effort and a little bit of luck, you can, not only to climb up the social ladder but also have a life of a billionaire! Not to mention their similarity with the real life and various fun activity you can do. NETTWORTH is a tapping management game about winning in life with whatever means.

NETTWORTH is the fourth self-published game by Gameka following Kluno: A Kid’s Dream, Kluno: Oogly’s Escape, and Kluno: Hero Battle. 

For more information about NETTWORTH, please visit http://nettworthgame.com/



Kluno: Hero Battle is a player vs player (PVP) hero arena where the battle is controlled by a match-3 puzzle board. Besides collecting items you have to react quickly to the situation of battle or lose your ranking in the leaderboards. Use them without worrying about the inventory. Also, upgrade, strategize and form the best team of five to destroy the enemy team and their base.

Kluno: Hero Battle makes puzzle matching competitive for the first time ever!

Available now on Android. iOS version coming soon.



Narishvin Sukumaran
Head of Marketing Communications
Email: narishvin@gameka.my
Phone: +6014 9212028