Firstly, to start it off, Gamification is not just a fad, or a trend, it is the reality of the future, available today. With that in mind, the older generation especially should not overlook gamification simply because of the word “Game”


Gamification: A Better Understanding


So, what exactly is Gamification you ask? The idea of Gamification is to change your everyday activity or task into a situation similar to playing a game. The core principle is “The process of using Game Thinking and Game Dynamics to Engage Audiences & Solve Problems”. Said by Gabe Zichermann.

“The use of game design elements in non-game contexts” (Deterding, Dixon, Khaled,&Nacke, 2011)

Such game elements could be in the form of Points, Badges, Leaderboards, Quests, Competition/Challenges, Virtual goods, and Gifting/Sharing. Participants have more interest and compliance to these once dreadful task, as such mentioned elements make it more engaging or challenging.


How can Gamification serve you?


Increases employee engagement:

As Employees are one of the most important assets to a company, and studies shows that an engaged worker in the workplace are 87% less likely to leave. In Which leads to low turnover rate and ultimately lead to a well-run and profitable organization.

Promotes Learning: 

Implementing Gamification in the workplace helps employee quickly familiarize themselves with the latest technology in a fun and engaging way. Gamified learning initiatives motivate employees to gain valuable skills without simply enduring traditional and most of the times, dull training programs.

Gamification Reduce Stress:

Healh wellness & Stress reduction are promoted through Gamification. At a time where most company are trying their best to lower stress in the workplace. Gamification is best suited to employ health & wellness through active participation from employee.

Example of Gamification


One of the best Gamification in the education industry is Kahoot!, it essentially gamified quiz taking. It have done this by rewarding points for the speed one answer the question presented. The leaderboard shows the top 3 at the end. Competitiveness is a human nature, this is done with that aspect in mind. Therefore, this system lets the participant compete against each other while taking a quiz in the meantime.

Gameka specifically designed and developed MaGIC Wow for MaGIC. The purpose is for employee of MaGIC to build better relationship and bringing them closer together. User award points to others that have impacted them or voiced out well received ideas. As a result, users can use these points to buy apparel for their avatar.

Finally, now that you have a better understanding on what is Gamification. Do you have an Idea for Gamification solution? Or in need of consultation? Feel free to visit Gameka or contact us at