Mobile Apps. Love them or hate them, they help us get through the day. Some apps actually help us keep up with our tasks for the day. However, new apps appear on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store almost every other day. So, how do apps stand out? We saved you the trouble of downloading and checking it out for yourself and compiled a list of some of the best Android apps to look forward to in 2018.  



Trello works both on your mobile device and desktop. It allows you to plan and organize your tasks. You can colour code your tasks by priority and allow Trello to sync with your calendar. That way, if you don’t have access to the app, you can still view your tasks on your calendar.



Pocket allows you to save things you want to view later. Like Trello, you can use Pocket on both your mobile device and desktop. Pocket allows you to save links from other platforms such as Twitter and Flipboard and to name a few. Pocket premium is ad-free and is priced at RM20 monthly or RM32 annually.


Inbox by Gmail

While subscribing to newsletters can be exciting, sometimes you just don’t have it in you to read it all. Inbox by Gmail organizes all types of emails. For example, if you subscribe to notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can bundle those emails under a social tag.

UV Lens

Ever wanted to know if it was safe to go out when the sun was out? With UV Lens, you can now see the UV Index in your area. The app can tell you how long it would take for you to get sunburnt and serve as a reminder for those who don’t wear sunscreen. Speaking of reminders, when the UV levels are high, you can tap the sunscreen icon and key in details of your sunscreen. UV Lens will send you a reminder if you need to reapply it.

 Pack Point

If you find yourself making lists for your holidays, look no further. Pack Point allows you to customize your holiday packing plans. For example, if you plan to go hiking, Pack Point would suggest the items for you to bring along. The app even sends you a reminder as you get closer to your trip.


Field Trip

From the creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic brings us Field Trip. Simply open the app with your location services turned on and see the recommended places to eat, visit and to take pictures that aren’t well known. See the world with a new set of eyes.

Google Fit

Hop on the bandwagon of getting fit this year as Google Fit keeps track of your activities. It can connect to other apps such as Freeletics, UnderArmour’s Mapmyrun and Mapmywalk. Google fit can also connect your smartwatch or fitness bands. Access and track your progress on your phone, desktop or tablet.


Developed by the well-established Chris Heria from Youtube, Thenx is an app for body weight exercises known as Calisthenics. Watch videos on the app to check if you’re performing the exercises correctly. Get free daily exercises or subscribe to ThenX for 100USD to get 1-year access to customized exercises.

Zombies, Run

With television series such as The Walking Dead, the pop culture scene has blown up with zombie games. Zombies, Run is a game that combines running and an actual game. Plug in your headphones, start the mission and get ready to be immersed in a time where zombies have taken over. Upgrade Zombies, Run monthly for RM16.99 or annually for RM109.99 for ad-free missions, full statistics and customization for your run.

Series Guide

Series Guide is a well-designed app to let you keep track of the television shows that you watch. The app is linked on a desktop browser. also syncs with your Netflix account, so you will know what you’re watching and what you may have missed out on.

Series Guide_Sample


 **All the apps mentioned are free unless stated otherwise.

We hope that these apps can assist you for 2018.

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