Benefits of Integrating Gamification into the WorkplaceEvery startup CEO should understand Gamification, because gaming is the new normal – Bing Gordon

Gamification sounds like something coined up in a bad video game that nobody has heard of or played. People thought gamification was a joke, a management gimmick. The term was used very loosely to label many things which was often unrelated to the actual meaning or act of gamification. However, gamification is now a proven game changer. It is quickly changing company dynamics in ways nobody could have imagined. 

What is Gamification?

So, what exactly is this game changer? Gamification is the application of game mechanics and game design principles in non-game contexts. It is an unconventional method but corporate giants like PayPal, SAP and a host others are reaping the benefits of gamification. They all utilized gamification methods and the results speak for themselves, with company productivity and profits increasing.

Benefits of Gamification

Gamification is easy to implement but tricky to get right. However, its benefits are monumental when done right. Here are some of the benefits of gamification.

Benefits of Integrating Gamification into the Workplace

Instant Feedback

Gamification is a great way for employees to receive constant and instant feedback. Employees are able to evaluate the benchmark set by themselves through various leaderboards. Furthermore, employees are able to learn their strengths and improve their weaknesses while increasing their productivity. In brief, feedback is one of the key elements of gamification. It constantly provides opportunities for self improvement.

Benefits of Integrating Gamification into the Workplace

Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is an asset to any company. Lack of engagement is a major liability in business. According to studies carried out by the Corporate Leadership Council, workers that are engaged perform 20% better, try 57% harder and most importantly, are 87% less likely to leave. This all leads to a highly productive and profitable organization. Gamification sets goals and benchmarks that create commitment within the users while rewarding achievements. It turns their work experience into a fun and engaging activity. In conclusion, organizations can use gamification methods, such as rewarding achievements, badges, competition to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Benefits of Integrating Gamification into the Workplace

Reduces Stress

Gamification is often used to increase engagement in the workplace, however, it is also a tool that reduces stress. How? The simple fact that gamification turns everything into a game. Games are not stressful by nature. They are fun and stimulating. Furthermore, gamification provides companies with the opportunity to launch healthcare programs that are gamified to encourage participation.


Motivation or lack thereof is always a problem for organizations. Unmotivated employees are likely to give little or no effort in their job. This means lower levels of productivity. Gamification changes this. Visible goals, achievements, badges and friendly competition among employees are all key elements of gamification and great motivational tools for employees. Furthermore, it will make them strive to be better versions of themselves. Additionally, jobs that tend to have repetitive tasks introduce gamification as a goal to break up the cycle.

Promotes Learning

Employees will be able to familiarize themselves with the latest methods and technology in an engaging and fun way. Gamified training programs or learning courses allow employees to obtain important information and skills without going through the traditional methods. Furthermore, it will also assist the older generation in understanding today’s technology.

Benefits of Integrating Gamification into the Workplace

Creates a Positive Workplace Culture

A positive workplace culture leads to an increase in productivity. Furthermore, it increases employee morale and allows the company to keep their highly skilled workers. Gamification helps in creating this. It introduces the concept of community which is important to have in an organization. Moreover, gamification promotes friendly competition within the workplace. The company kills two birds with one stone. Employees become engaged and will start interacting more with each other, which increases their attitude on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, it will reinforce the strength of the employee community within the organization.

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