Game Description

Swipe, Match, Win.

Kluno: Hero Battle is a player vs player (PVP) battle arena where the battle is controlled by a match-3 game board. Collect, upgrade and form the best team of five to destroy the enemy team and their base.

Kluno: Hero Battle makes puzzle matching competitive for the first time

Real-time PVP Battles

Battle in real-time with real players from around the world. Hint: You can even play with your friends if you both tap on ‘Battle’ subsequently.

An Arsenal of Items

Discover and collect an arsenal of items to assist you in battle. Worry not about depleting your inventory as items come in surplus. Each item has a unique purpose; try them all and build your strategy accordingly.

Fast-paced Action

Challenge the traditionally casual mechanics of puzzle matching by instead matching fast and managing a team of heroes. React quickly to the situation of battle or lose your ranking in the leader boards.

Kluno: A Kid’s Dream

Kluno: Oogly’s Escape