App & Mobile Game Development

Be a part of the largest growing
region in the Games Industry.

47% of Global Games Revenue in 2017 came from the Asia-Pacific region

Malaysia is a part of the world’s largest contributor to revenue in the Games Industry and will continue to grow as one of the biggest and most influential hubs for app and game development in Southeast Asia.

Malaysians made 600 million USD

Game developers in Malaysia have made nearly 600 million USD through mobile app development in 2017 alone, and the number continues to grow every year with no signs of slowing down.

Gameka is at the centre of the app and game development scene in Malaysia. With an ever-growing team of local game developers, Gameka will provide the game design talent, technological expertise and artistic skills required to develop the mobile apps and games of your dream.

Gameka is a leading mobile application and game development company in Malaysia.

We are proficient in conceptualizing, designing, developing and deploying apps on all major platforms. Right from the advent of the smartphone boom, we have been at the forefront of the mobile apps development services arena, and have been building and enhancing user experience on mobile devices.

With experience in custom mobile apps development for the latest iOS, Android and Windows devices, we are primed to deliver and exceed the dynamic demands of the industry.

We provide assistance to client throughout the project.
1. Concept and Idea
2. Sitemap, Sketch and Prototyping
3. Coding and Programming
4. Fixing and Debugging
5. Finalizing Design and Codes
6. Package and Execute
7. Publishing to App store and Google Play Store

Let us draw you in with our art.

It all starts with an IDEA

Creating a great mobile app or game requires great graphics and it starts with a strong conceptual art stage. You tell us what you need, and we will envision it on a canvas to be delivered to you.

Creating not a character, but a person

Adding color, tone, animation and features gives emotion and characteristics to an object. Our vast experience in character design and 3D skin texturing will turn your character and mascot into a living, breathing person.

A world to live in and to experience

In the end, it is not just about drawing and rendering a digital environment and its denizens, it is about creating a believable world for your characters to live in and a world for your players to be invested in.

Player immersion is our expertise. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Let us draw you in with our art.

The blank slate

A great game is not only fun, but also make players feel like they’re literally in the game. A lot of games, however, neglect player immersion. So, while some games have great concept and solid mechanics, it just feels flat and lifeless to players.

Injecting the melody and visuals

This is where Gameka’s expertise come in and work their magic. A flash of light here, a screen shake there combined with the sound of a satisfying explosion in between brings excitement and action to the screen.

 A game comes to life

By the time our talented teams has completed their magic, what was once barren now has a beating heart and a shining soul.

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